From the Principal

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Pauline Hagen

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Thank you for your interest in NEW College. If you choose to join us you will be part of a dynamic community with a strong focus on achievement, both academic and social. Your success in exams will be of paramount importance to us and equally, we want you to grow personally and socially whilst at college and participate fully in the exciting opportunities available to you outside your lessons.

The College has an established reputation for very strong exam performance and you will know that we are passionate about sustaining and improving teaching and learning so that every student’s results represent their best possible achievement. A key aspect of the NEW College experience is the young adult environment in which you will learn. We will respect you as an individual and encourage you to work in partnership with staff to achieve your goals. We will help you to take increasing responsibility for your learning and to achieve self-confidence, skills and knowledge which will help you to progress in life, work and future study. Because we are specialists in post-16 qualifications we are able to offer an extensive choice of academic subjects and a diverse range of wider college activities, including Performing Arts, Music, Sport, Foreign Exchange and challenging global expeditions. Many of our students, past and present, speak of their affection for NEW College as a very special place in which students are happy and supported and equally challenged to achieve their very best. We hope what follows will convey something of this special quality and that you will be encouraged to come and meet us at our Open Events. We look forward to seeing you.

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