Average GCSE point scores and the new GCSE grades

From August 2017, English Language, English Literature and Maths GCSEs are graded on a new system of 9-1, with 9 being the highest possible mark. Apart from English and Maths, all other GCSEs are still graded on the old system of A*- G.

We use an average GCSE point score to work out entry requirements for A-Level courses. This is a really important step as it helps us to ensure that no student starts an A-Level course they might fail to pass. This key strategy helps our students become some of the most successful post-16 students in the country.
In order to work out the new average GCSE point score, we need to convert all subjects from A*- G to 9 – 1. The table below shows you how we do this.


Once you know what you have achieved at GCSE, you can work out your average GCSE point score. Here are some examples.

Example 1
Jo has achieved a 6 in both Maths and English. She has also achieved an A* in Biology, an A in Chemistry, a B in History, Physics and French, and a C in PE.


Example 2
Chris has achieved a 7 in Maths and a 5 in English. He has also achieved a B in History and Science, a C in Drama and Geography, and a D in IT.