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Available to study at:
Extended Certificate
Extended Diploma

Subject Intent: Why Psychology?

The Psychology curriculum allows core areas in the history and development of psychology to be studied, and offers different perspectives into the explanations of the human mind and behaviour. Psychology encourages skills to be developed that focus heavily on developing an insight into the methodological strengths and weaknesses of research, and critical analysis of theories, which are useful life skills which can be transferred into the work place.
The knowledge gained will help students to develop into well-grounded adults, with an understanding of the causes of mental health issues, how to be responsible parents, when to conform and obey others, and what triggers aggression.

Why should I study this subject?
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Studying for an applied psychology qualification will give you an insight into the workings of the mind, brain and behaviour whilst developing skills for employability and higher education study. You will learn about fascinating topics such as; why people change their behaviour in group situations, how culture and hormonal influences affect gender identity, the causes of addiction, and the treatments for stress, for example. Applied Psychology is particularly suitable for students who are reasonably confident with learning content for exams but like to also support their learning with coursework type tasks. The course will provide you with opportunities to develop problem solving and communication skills, and give you experiences of working both in and outside of the classroom setting, and in group, and independent, learning situations.

What will I study?
Year 1
• Psychological Approaches – Learning, Cognitive, Social and Biological key concepts and studies, with applications to; gender, aggression, and business. (Externally assessed Exam).
• Psychopathology – Definitions, types, and treatments for mental disorders (Internally assessed Report)

Year 2
• Conducting Psychological Research – Principles of research, data collection and analysis (Internally assessed Research Investigation)
• Health Psychology – stress and addiction theories and treatments (Externally assessed Exam)

What are the entry requirements?

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