BTEC Applied Psychology

Why Should I Study This Subject?

Studying for an Applied Psychology qualification will provide you with an insight into the human mind, brain and behaviour, whilst developing skills for employability and higher education. You will learn about fascinating topics such as: why people change their behaviour in group situations, how culture and hormones affect gender identity, the causes of addiction, and the treatments for stress, for example. Applied Psychology is particularly suitable for students who are reasonably confident with exams but like to support their learning with coursework based tasks, and are willing to work hard in and outside of lessons. The course will provide you with opportunities to develop problem solving and communication skills, and give you experiences of learning independently and being part of group work. Students studying Applied Psychology typically progress into careers relating to early years child care and teaching, criminal psychology, sports coaching, social work, and psychology related fields of study.

What Will I Study?

You will study a selection of psychological topics consisting of passing two external examinations and passing two coursework tasks:

Year 1:

• Psychological Approaches (external examination)- memory, conformity, learning, and biology. Application to aggression, gender, and business.

• Psychological Research (internal research coursework) – Understanding and planning a psychological study

Year 2:

• Health Psychology (external examination) – stress and addiction

• Psychopathology (internal coursework task) – characteristics and explanations of mental illness

What are the entry requirements?

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