BTEC Extended Diploma students exhibition ‘Lost and Found’

On Friday our Extended Diploma in Art & Design students held their end of year show in the Westside Café.

The theme of the exhibition was ‘Lost & Found’ which the students interpreted in a variety of ways leading to a diverse range of exhibition pieces.

“My exhibition piece involved Lino printing the shape of a key onto fabric in a repeat pattern. The inspiration for this came from me always losing my keys! I enjoyed researching the artist Alice Fox who works with rusty objects to make patterns on fabric. I really liked how her work was intentionally scruffy and untidy.” –Jordan Lee

“I began by looking at two small oriental plates from a charity shop. I was initially intrigued by the Chinese culture and iconography. My final piece is a dragon as this is a very prominent symbol from Chinese culture. I used traditional oriental drawings and prints to make the scales of the dragon and link it back to my found objects.”- Saskia Liddan

“The idea for my exhibition pieces was to explore the stereotype of masculinity through visual expression. I took a lot inspiration from the JW Anderson exhibition at the Hepworth Gallery. The pieces in Disobedient Bodies pushed the boundaries of gender identity and I wanted to do the same with my pieces.”- Chris Byard.

Cath and Liz would like to thank all the Extended Diploma students for their hard work this year.