Health and Social Care

Available to study at:
Extended Certificate
Extended Diploma

Subject Intent: Why Health & Social Care?
Health and Social Care gives students the chance to look at sociological and psychological underpinnings of health whilst also examining and evaluating human development and key aspects of the working world such as health and safety. It enables students to develop transferable skills and encourages them to self-reflect and regulate to inform their practice. Communication and teamwork skills are integral whilst on work placement and are regarded as the most widespread and ‘baseline’ skills required for employment. Embedding work placements into the curriculum gives students a more broad and rich experience and provides them with knowledge needed to progress into occupations such as nursing, midwifery, youth work or the care sector.

Why should I study this subject?
If you are passionate about people and want to learn how to develop your communication skills, support individuals with a range of needs and develop an insight into current laws and guidelines surrounding diversity and equality, studying Health and Social Care could be for you. You will have the opportunity to meet with a range of allied health and social care professionals, have access to exciting progression opportunities provided by local and national universities, and take part in trips and visits such as visiting the Houses of Parliament and supporting local health initiatives such as Healthwatch. We have excellent links with local providers and so work experience and volunteering opportunities are offered to all our students.

What will I study?
Topics to be studied across the suite of courses to include:
• Effective Communication
• Human lifespan development
• Working in Health and Social Care
• Enquiries into current research in Health and Social Care
• Principles of safe practice in Health and Social Care
• Meeting individual care and support needs
• Promoting public health

The topics are delivered in a variety of ways including group discussions and presentations, course work and assessed elements.

What are the entry requirements?

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“Choosing to study BTEC Health and Social Care was the best academic decision I have made. The course includes a wide range of units, all of which have been enticing and enjoyable to study!” Holly Toft –
Wakefield Girls’ High School