Creative Digital Media: Digital Games Production

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Available to study at:
Extended Certificate

Subject Intent: Why Digital Games Production?
Digital Games Production will allow learners to develop a wide range of skills by devising game concepts from initial creative ideas through the pre-production, production and testing of games phases using digital technology. Learners will also gain a broader knowledge of the games industry and the roles and careers offered which is beneficial for progression to university courses or employment within the games sector. This course addresses the shortage of game designers and developers within the Leeds City Region.

Why should I study this subject?
The BTEC Extended Certificate in Digital Games Production focuses on the development skills required for the games design industry, leading
to the development of a game. You will complete five units, taken directly from industry expectations. Unit 3 includes building a foundation of digital skills required to complete the course whilst also allowing you to create a working game for your external exam. In Unit 13, you will be taught the theory of game design to better understand requirements, consumer expectations and trends. Then you will design and create a functional game. You will use industry standard software such as Maya and Unreal Engine to model assets and environments in Unit 40 and 41 as well as animating them for Unit 43. You will then have a diverse portfolio for the game sector or higher education.

What will I study?
• Unit 3 – Digital Media Skills – External Assessment
• Unit 13 – Digital Games Production – Internal Assessment
• Unit 40 – 3D Modelling – Internal Assessment
• Unit 41 – 3D Environments – Internal Assessment
• Unit 43 – 3D Animation – Internal Assessment

What are the entry requirements?
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“I really loved the freedom of being able to do whatever we want in lesson just so long as we hit the deadline set. It allows me to multi-task, for example if I wanted to do part of an essay one day and draw for my portfolio on another then I have the freedom to do so, just so long as I make the deadline for that lesson.” Ella Greensmith – Kettlethorpe High School