BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Music Technology

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma – equivalent to 1 A-Level

Why should I study Music Technology?

This course is a hands on, challenging subject. it is delivered in a practical way, and will involve working in a team and working independently. you will learn to record instruments both in the studio and in a live situation and you will use a variety of different music software on the apple Mac suite.

in each unit, learners will also develop a range of transferable skills, for example communication, independent learning, teamwork, analysis and evaluation. Employers specifically look for these skills and behaviours to complement technical knowledge and skills, and so they will provide an advantage when learners progress to the workplace or a relevant university course.

What will I study?

During the first year of the course, you will learn about different types of microphones and their placement, mixing and mastering recorded tracks and using all the equipment in the studio. you will learn how create a good live sound mix on stage and learn about the jobs in the industry.

in addition, you will analyse pieces of popular music, looking at effects, stereo eld and their structure. for much of the time you
will be using sequencing software to create original tracks and to recreate already existing ones.



What are the entry requirements?