Subject Intent: Why Business?

Key contemporary developments in the labour market such as digital technology, big data and the impact of globalisation are considered within the business curriculum. Opportunities to interact with industry is firmly embedded in the curriculum and students have regular opportunities to apply key employability skills in both the classroom and in the wider work-related opportunities that being a business student offers.

What will I study?
Business as a whole, including ownership, stakeholders and aims of the business
• Business and key functional areas (HR, Marketing, Operations and Finance)
• Business in the context of their and competitive environments
• Analysing key performance indicators for business in finance, marketing and HR
• The impact of threats in the business environment and the extent to which businesses are affected regarding investment appraisal
• Innovation in business
• Managing change
• Business operations in international markets
• The role of the leader
• Organisational culture
• Why business strategy fails