WJEC Diploma in Criminology – Equivalent to 1 A-Level

Why should I study Criminology?

Criminology is an increasingly popular subject for students who are interested
in a career in criminal justice, or studying criminology at university. The subject explores why people commit crime, drawing on explanations from psychology and sociology, along with how society tackles crime
through the law, policing and punishment. Students learn about different types of crime, how people’s perceptions of crime are shaped and how crimes are investigated.

What will I study?

Year 12:

  • Changing awareness of Crime: types 
of crime, perceptions of crime and 
unreported crime.
  • Media representations of crime and of official 
data on crime.
  • Crime campaigns.
  • Criminological Theories: Why do people 
commit crime? Theories of criminality from biology, psychology and sociology.

Year 13:

  • Crime scene to Courtroom: the criminal justice system from investigation to verdict – personnel and techniques involved in criminal investigations and courtroom procedures.
  • Crime and Punishment: law making, criminal justice, forms and functions of punishment.


This course is assessed by half exam and half controlled assessment.

What are the entry requirements?

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