Fine Art

Why should I study Fine Art?

Art is an exciting and challenging subject that aims to develop your visual thinking.  The course helps build a foundation for further study of Art and Design or related subjects in higher education.  It is also suitable for those of you who wish to develop your interest and enjoyment in Art and Design.  You will be introduced to a variety of experiences, employing a range of media, processes, and techniques, building upon, and extending, the skills developed at GCSE level.

What will I study?
AS Units
Unit 1: Coursework

This unit is based on developing a strong visual language through a variety of methods and media.

You will be encouraged to explore different processes and techniques in experimental ways before producing a final piece, which is accompanied by supporting research.

Developing your personal creativity and individual talents is a very important aspect of coursework.

This represents 60% of the total AS Level mark.
Unit 2: Controlled Test

This brings together your skills and abilities built up during the course.

You will be given three months to explore, research and prepare work to a theme before producing a final piece for an eight hour examination.

This represents 40% of the total AS Level mark.

A2 Units
Unit 3: Coursework

This unit is based upon a personal study on a theme of your own choice.

You will develop your own concerns and techniques and link your art work to research and exploration of historical and contemporary artists.

This unit encourages you to build upon your specialist skills and produce an exciting range of work including a series of major pieces.
A written study that supports your work is also a requirement of this unit.

This represents 30% of the total A Level mark.

Unit 4: Controlled Test

This involves bringing together and making connections between all the knowledge and talents you have acquired.

During a period of three months you will develop work to a given theme in preparation for a final piece produced during a twelve hour examination.

This represents 20% of the total A Level mark.

Throughout the AS and A2 courses you are expected to develop ideas in a sketchbook.
What are the entry requirements?
Normal College entry requirements plus GCSE Art grade C or BTEC Art Distinction (if not taken at GCSE production of a portfolio).  GCSE English grade C would be an advantage.

How is the course assessed?
All coursework units are internally marked and externally moderated.

Units 2 and 4 are set by the examination board and are internally marked and externally moderated.

Unit 3 includes a written personal study.

What will this course prepare me for?

Careers in all aspects of Design, including Interior Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Website Design.  Art is also an important aspect for Illustration, Architecture, Photography, Advertising, Early Years Teaching, Marketing and Visual Presentations.

Private Study
As an approximate guideline AS subjects require three to four hours of independent study each; A2 subjects four to five hours each and GCSE subjects two hours each.

What materials will I need to purchase?
A sketchbook is required for each unit of work, also purchased through college.

Examining Board


What skills do I need?

  • A positive, enquiring mind and the willingness to experiment
  • Desire to explore and develop your own personal creativity
  • The ability to sustain personal lines of enquiry
  • The ability to sustain personal lines of research into artists and issues