Induction FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the questions we received in response to the Induction Day invitation – thank you to those of you that submitted them! 

What do I do if I want to change courses? 

There will be an opportunity to look at other courses at your Enrolment Day appointment. Please remember that you will need to meet the subject specific entry requirements, and there will need to be availability on the course. 

If I am disappointed with my GCSE results, what can I do? 

You will receive a letter inviting you to Enrolment day soon. We can’t speak to students before their Enrolment appointment, but try not to worry. If you think you won’t get a place on the courses you have chosen, and you are worried that your second choice courses may be full by the time you enrol at New College, you can visit other colleges in advance of enrolment so that you have back up options. If that means you have to enrol at another school or college, but then change your mind later, that’s fine as long as you let everyone know your final decision. 

When do I enrol? 

Students will be invited to enrol on Wednesday 26th August or Thursday 27th August. You will receive an Enrolment letter with a specified time and date. 

What do I do if I can’t come to my Enrolment Day appointment? 

Email with your full name and date of birth. You will be invited to late enrolment on 2 September and if you have met the entry requirements for your original course choices your place will be secure. Should you wish to choose alternative courses, there may be reduced availability. 

Will you be flexible with the entry requirements due to Coronavirus? 

Unfortunately not. We could not do this consistently or fairly, so we will stick to our entry requirements. Results this year have undergone significant standardisation so we are confident that the grade profile of students will not be different to other years. 

Can I change courses after I start college if I’m not enjoying a subject? 

In the first few weeks this may be possible if there’s space. You would have to do the SIL for the new subject and have a taster lesson and possibly a test. It’s best to do this earlier in the term so you don’t miss too much of the new subject but try not to make hasty decisions. 

What if I struggle to settle in? 

There is a space to meet new people and your teachers and progress tutor will organise activities in your first few lessons to help you get to know your classmates. Speak to your tutor if you are struggling. 

After I start college, what do I do if I’m ill?  

We have a rigorous attendance policy and it’s your responsibility to let student services or your progress tutor know that you are ill. You will obviously need to catch up on work and your teachers can send missed work on request. All this will be covered in your first tutorials. 

What payment methods can I use to buy food? 

Cash or credit/debit card is fine. We have contactless machines. 

What do I do if I can’t afford travel, or other costs? 

Some families qualify for a bursary &/or free college meals. This depends on income and the money is paid half termly into the student’s bank account. Information is available on our website 

Do I have to wear a uniform? 

No, there is no uniform, but clothes must be appropriate for the College environment and must not have any offensive slogans. 

What do I have to bring to College on my first day? 

Please bring a notebook and pen. Individual subject teachers will advise you of any further equipment you will need, for example, a scientific calculator. 

Can I change classes to be with my friends? 

Sorry, this is not possible, but we will help you to make new friends in your classes and you can spend your free periods, lunchtimes and enrichment activities together.