Learner Voice

Learner Voice

Engaging with learners to continually strengthen our provision.


Student Perceptions

Whole college report based on student perception of course (SPOC) surveys:

Learner Voice Analysis – SPOCS – 2013-14

Examples of departmental self-assessment reviews in which SPOC data is evaluated and informs conclusions about provision and quality improvement:

LAW SAR 2012-13 – with SPOC references

Physics SAR 2013-13 – with SPOC references

Example of in-year feedback within Sport, to supplement the end of year SPOC data:

In-Year Student Feedback – Sport


Focus Group Meetings

Where performance issues have been identified within a subject, a group of students are invited to take part in a focus group to help support quality improvement. Typical questions used:

Learner Voice – Focus Group Qs for Underperforming Subjects

In-year focus groups take place across the college to enable students to give detailed feedback and suggest positive changes that can be made within departments and at classroom level. This document identifies feedback from learners, and then the communicated response and agreed actions by staff:

H&SC Learner Voice Summary – Spring 2014

Focus groups and questionnaires are also used to help evaluate provision and inform decision-making about a range of cross-college support and services, such as the Learning Resources Centre, sport enrichment and female participation in sport (in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University students):

LRC Student Survey

LRC Student Survey Data

Learning Resources Centre – SAR – Engaging with Learners

Female Participation in Sport