Subject Intent: Why Mathematics?

Studying A-Level Mathematics encourages learners to think and act mathematically, using mathematical skills and forms of communication to analyse situations within mathematics and elsewhere. Mathematics underpins all areas of our lives and studying maths allows students to think logically and break complex problems into smaller steps. The course emphasises how mathematical ideas are interconnected and demonstrates how mathematics can be applied to model situations using algebra and other representations, to help make sense of data, to understand the physical world and to solve problems in a variety of contexts, including social sciences and business. Having these mathematical skills makes students employable in virtually all careers as it blends communication and problem solving skills together. It also prepares learners for a wide range of destinations in Higher Education and employment as all of the skills taught in A-Level Mathematics are transferable in to Higher Education and the work place.

Why should I study this subject?
Mathematics is a stimulating and challenging subject which is highly regarded at A-Level. Both employers and universities are keen to take you if you have successfully completed this course. A-Level Mathematics builds from 9- 1 GCSE Mathematics and introduces calculus and its applications. The course includes Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Students are encouraged to understand mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence, fosters enjoyment and provides a strong foundation for progress to further study. There are three overall themes throughout the course, proof, problem solving and modelling.

What will I study?
The course will include:
• Algebra
• Functions
• Coordinate geometry
• Sequences and series
• Trigonometry
• Exponentials and logarithms
• Numerical methods
• Calculus
• Statistics and probability
• Vectors
• Mechanics, including kinematics, forces, moments, Newton’s laws and projectiles.


What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

“Maths is both a challenging and rewarding subject, always feeling accomplished when you leave lessons and when you finally solve the problem. Learning at New College has been great, with a chance to work more independently whilst always having access to the support you need.”
Daisy Young – Wakefield Independent School