Progress Tutors

Your Progress Tutor will support you in the early weeks of settling into college life and will help you adjust to the new challenges in managing work, prioritising tasks and developing study skills.

Later on, your tutor will provide guidance and support as you plan for progression from college to the next stage, whether this is university, internship, gap year or employment. Your relationship with your tutor will be key to ensuring you get the very best out of college life and engage with it fully.

Your Progress Tutor will deliver an induction tutorial programme which will cover many aspects of college life in order to support you as you settle into college. You will get an opportunity to meet your Progress Tutor before you start New College by joining us for our Induction Day that takes place in the summer term.

Tutorial sessions held once a week will be a mixture of one to one interviews and relevant topics, such as social and career related issues.

In offering you this we hope we can continue to help you grow as a person and prepare you for life after college, whether that be work, training or university.