SLT – Vicky Marks

Vicky Marks
Assistant Principal – Data, Curriculum and Timetable

As one of the Assistant Principals at New College Pontefract, I am responsible for the smooth and effective running of the college and that means that every day is different.  One of my jobs is to make sure that the best possible progress is being made by all our learners, including those who have a disadvantage.   I do this by looking at attendance figures, results from your monthly assessments, summer exam results and a whole host of other data.  By sharing my analysis with colleagues, we can make sure that you are getting the right support as soon as it’s needed.  I also help to put the timetable together and I look at the courses we offer here at New College to make sure that our curriculum meets the needs of a changing society.  When I’m not doing all of that, you’ll find me in the Chemistry Department.