Student Exec


What is the Student Exec

The Student Exec is a body of around 12 students who wish to get involved with college life on a extra-curricular basis and want to help make changes across college. The Student Exec is a group of year 13 students of which the President and Vice-President are elected before Easter of the Year 12 year. The full Executive group are in place before May Half Term and start their duties on the second half of the Summer term. In total, the Executive are in place each year for 11 academic months.

What do we do

As the Student Exec, we represent all the students of New College and strive to improve all aspects of your college life. We host a range of events for charity throughout the year, collate surveys – gathering student opinions and also give students the chance to get involved at the end of Year 12. We work a lot behind the scenes to make changes and look at what we can improve across college. We hold elections each year and every year 12 student can apply.

In Year 12, a student from each tutor group is appointed to participate on the Student Council. Year 13 students are also invited to participate on the Student Council. The Student Council is a body of which the Executive run and is open to all students across the college to engage more students to participate in bringing ideas forward to make any necessary changes.

Main Aims:

  • To enhance student involvement in extra-curricular activities

  • To push mental health provisions across college