Textiles and Fashion Design

Subject Intent: Why Textiles and Fashion Design?

The intent of the Textiles and Fashion Design curriculum is to progress student understanding through exposure to professional skills and techniques inherent to professional and undergraduate study in Textiles. Students are offered the chance
to explore a range of textile art skills and specialist fashion design techniques. It gives students the experience of working to a live brief from the ideas generation stage, client profiling, and design ideas through to the production of final garments and exhibition pieces. These are essential skills and experiences necessary for success in any creative industry. Students prepare a personal portfolio of creative work that sets them up to work as designers in areas such as the fashion industry, marketing and communications, interior design, and textile art.

Why should I study this subject?
The Textiles and Fashion Design A-Level will teach you skills in creative thinking, problem solving and specialist traditional and contemporary practical techniques. During your time on the course you will be exposed to innovative artists and designers, work on live briefs and competitions, and engage in specialist workshops with practicing designers and expert staff members. There are broad employment and progression opportunities in the Textiles and Fashion Design industry; this course will prepare you with a vast skillset and a diverse portfolio of work which can be applied to a career in industry or progression into FAD and university.

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What will I study?
• Observational drawing
• Experimental mark-making
• Fabric manipulation
• Embellishment
• Embroidery
• Weave and knit
• Felt-making
• 3D Sculpting
• Printmaking
• Garment construction
• Fashion illustration
• Designing for purpose
• Creating concepts and responding to themes
• Design processes used in industry
• Topical issues such as sustainability and recycling

“I really enjoy the creative freedom we have in textiles and how supportive the teachers are. You can come to them with any idea and they will find a way to make it work and fit in with the theme you are studying.”
Emma Goate – The King’s School