What are lessons like?

“You are treated like an adult in lessons.”
Danielle Gale – Featherstone Technology College

“Lessons are different you are not ruled by a bell, you can call your teacher by their first name and they are more relaxed.”
Jessica Coates-Bridgewater – Crofton High School 

“There is more to learn, but you get a huge amount of support.”
Liam James – Carleton Community High School

“I find that having the options of studying new subjects helps me learn.”
Kiera Whitworth – Airedale High School, The Arts College

“Good teachers who know how to get the most out of you.”
Gemma Shaw – Crofton High School 

“I enjoy the lessons because they are interactive and varied.”
Becky Sosnowski – St Michaels

“I find the atmosphere in class helps me learn and adds to my enjoyment.”
Danny McGuire – St Thomas a Becket Catholic College

“I find college lessons relaxed.  I can have a dialogue with my teacher and can express an opinion and feel valued.”
James Jenkins – The King’s School

“You get support and help through each stage.”
Carl Anscombe – Castleford High School Technology and Sports College

“I find my lessons are entertaining.  I also enjoy the use of scaffolding to develop my understanding and learning.”
Connor Henshaw – Kettlethorpe High School

“I find the teachers friendly and approachable.”
Amy Brooke – Wakefield City High School

“I find I learn a lot because the teachers are fun and engaging”
Liam Gunn – Freeston Business & Enterprise College

“I find the lessons fun productive and interactive”
Kerry Bennett – Knottingley High School and Sports College

“I find the teacher approachable and I like the variety in the lessons.”
Alfie Wright – The Snaith School

“I like the independence and trust in the lessons”
Ruth Fothergill – The Cathedral High School

The College consistently achieves outstanding academic results, because of its high expectations.   We have the pleasure of teaching fantastically talented individuals and it is our aim to unleash that talent. You will find your lessons at NEW College challenging but highly enjoyable.  They will focus on the skills that you will need to be successful in your chosen programme, and will allow you to achieve results that will make your dreams and aspirations a reality.