What is it like working at New College?

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Ruth Inkley
Working at New College is very different to a school given the age and maturity of the students which allows teachers to take a few lieu days they have accrued which is a lovely reward and gives teachers some great flexibility. The Senior Management are very family friendly and have encouraged me to attend my own children’s sports days or special school assemblies and as a part-time teacher I am very pleased to have sensible full working days and feel as valued as full-time members of staff.

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Donna Simpson
After a week at New College Pontefract, no longer did I feel like a new member of staff. The staff induction programme put in place helped me to become an ‘oldie’ in a very short time. A place run by mavericks willing to push boundaries and face head on the challenges of educational change. A place of dynamism for the dynamic. A great place to work and grow.

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Lindsey Hanson
Working in the marketing department is challenging and rewarding. No two days are ever the same with the variety of work I do, which ranges from working with secondary schools to politicians, journalists and regional businesses. My job allows me to be creative, to generate ideas and work on up and coming campaigns alongside staff as well as students. It’s great to see things through and to hit the headlines for all the right reasons.
The college provides flexibility in your working pattern which is great for me. Although we are always really busy, staff make time to be friendly and helpful. We all work as a team and you are fully supported.

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Brian Coughlan
New College is a dynamic working environment. Having worked here for over 20 years I can honestly say that we are going from strength to strength. High expectations make it an exciting workplace and bring out the best in staff and students.

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James Morris
During my time at New College Pontefract I have had the opportunities to gain management experience and participate in CPD training to enhance my professional skills even further. I have frequently had the support and guidance of other members of staff and the environment here is one of collaboration, creativity and innovation

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Vicky Marks
The students at New College are the best part of my job. The vast majority are hard-working, friendly and so appreciative of the work that I do…they will try anything. There is a strong ethos of hard work and sharing of good practice among the staff.

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Karen Petrie
In my challenging role of MIS Manager (Management Information Systems) I have had the pleasure to work with an extremely talented, friendly and supportive group of people who share a genuine commitment to helping students and fellow staff succeed. I have spent the last 23 years working in a couple of departments and feel privileged to have been part of the progression from a small college of less than 500 students to an outstanding institution with over 2000 highly successful learners.

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Richard Joyner
Working alongside the site team at New College has been a rewarding experience so far. I worked previously on building sites so working at New College has been completely different for me. The jobs day to day are varied and I liaise daily with external clients as well as staff and students. The shift work I do really suits me and the support you receive by the team is excellent.

Lucy Clewarth
The staff of New College are friendly and very helpful when adapting to the workplace. I began as an apprentice alongside the Learning Resource Centre Team, and the support that I received was excellent. New College is a great provider of opportunities for progression within your department or the College as a whole.