Fine Art

Subject Intent: Why Fine Art?

Fine Art is offered as a truly creative opportunity for self-expression and growth of confidence. The curriculum provides independence, learning and thinking skills as well as practical elements and professional attitudes. The creative industries are currently one of the fastest growing in the UK and students can expect to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to continue into professions such as illustration, architecture, advertising, set design and fashion.

Why should I study this subject?

You should study this subject if you are creative, curious and brave. The Fine Art A-Level allows you the opportunity to explore a wide range of skills and techniques, to break out of your comfort zone and explore new boundaries. From large scale drawing, mixed media and installation to printmaking, digital image making and photography, you will be encouraged to take risks in your artistic journey. The Fine Art A-Level aims to help you discover your voice as an artist and ask the question: what is art?

What will I study?
• A wide range of practical and research skills
• How to develop genuine and original ideas
• A wide range of creative practitioners
• How to analyse art through research and gallery visits to places such as London & Manchester
• How to present creative and personal sketchbook, portfolio and exhibition work
• How to prepare yourself for onward study at Foundation and Degree level and the world of work in the creative field

What are the entry requirements?
Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

“Art is an escapism; it enables you to discover your own individuality and drive, elevated by the buzz of other artists. It’s a wonderful environment to be supported by.”
Talia Robinson – Horbury Academy