Due to the restricted site there is no student parking on the New College site itself except for any physically disabled learners who should contact the Estates and Health & Safety Manager. The college offers a student ‘car share’ car parking permit for use on the gravel car park located next to the sports hall. Students can apply for a permit at student services. In order to use this facility there must be more than 1 person in the vehicle¬†when entering the car park. The gate to the car park is locked between 3:50pm-4:05pm so that students walking to the bus stops can get there safely.

Unfortunately, there is a constant problem with traffic congestion on Park Lane at 4.00pm and we would appeal to parents to assist in minimising this. If you are picking up students from College please arrange to meet in Pontefract Park or somewhere away from the College site, particularly at the end of the day. Please do not wait for students in the bus layby on Park Lane; this is an official bus stop and any other vehicles using this layby will be reported to the police.