Due to the restricted site there is no student parking on the New College site itself except for any physically disabled learners who should contact the Estates and Health & Safety Manager.

Student Parking

Any student wishing to park on the car park adjacent to the College must obtain a car parking permit from Student Services and have more than one student in the vehicle when parking up/leaving.   Parking in this car park is entirely at the students own risk and we accept no responsibility for any damage which may occur in using this car park. Under GDPR guidelines we are not able to supply any CCTV information to students in relation to any incidents which may occur in this car park. Students must park sensibly and be aware that the gates are shut between 3.45 and 4.15 to restrict access onto Park Lane to protect pedestrians leaving College. Students also have access to the overspill car park at Pontefract Collieries on Beech Nut Lane and are advised that this car park is less busy and has better access at 4.00p.m. There should be no student parking in Pontefract Park at any time and no parking in the College Staff Car Parks.

Parental/guardian Drop off and Pick up

Please advise parents/guardians that there is no waiting in the College Staff Car Parks as these are barrier access only. Parents are advised to use Beechnut Lane or the Pontefract Collieries grounds to wait for student or drop off in the morning. Due to the building works taking place in Pontefract Park there are no areas for parents/guardians to wait and they could be putting student lives at risk as there is heavy machinery moving around in this area. We have been advised that the parks authorities may prevent access to the park during this time from a health and safety perspective.

We thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and support in ensuring our students are kept safe travelling to and from College.