Results Certificates

Results Certificates

Certificates – Academic Year 2016-17 – Now available for collection from NC Pontefract Reception

Certificates from the academic year 2016-17 (Summer 2017) are now ready for collection.  Ideally, please collect them in person if possible between 8.30 – 4.00pm Monday – Friday from the main reception.  Please bring some photo I.D with you.  If you are unable to collect them yourself, you are able to nominate someone else to collect them on your behalf but you must provide them with a note of authorisation to bring with them, naming them and signed by yourself.  They also need to bring their own photo I.D with them.  Certificates belong to the student and therefore, they cannot be given to a third party without written authorisation from the student.

We are only obliged to hold certificates for 12 months, therefore it is your responsibility to collect them.  You will require them for job interviews.

Once collected, certificates should be kept safe as they cost approximately £40 each to replace and must be applied for directly to each exam board.

If you completed college in Summer 2015 your results certificates are available for collection (photo ID required) at Reception in the Learning Academy Central (LAC).

Certificates are available each year, in January, for results achieved in the previous academic year. Students who continue in college will receive their certificates through their Progress Tutor.

It is important that you keep your certificates in a safe place, as you should be aware that if you lose them or require duplicates, each Exam Board charges a fee. Not all Exam Boards issue replacement certificates and may only provide a letter confirming your marks/grades or certifying statement of results.  New College does not keep copies of your certificates.

Nominating Someone Else To Collect Your Certificates

You are required to sign to confirm that you have received your certificates and that they are correct. If you are unable to collect them, you will need to give authority for someone else to collect and check them on your behalf. This may be a letter addressed to the Exams Office or an email to The letter/email should state your full name, date of birth, contact number and the name of who will collect them. The person collecting them must show some form of self-identification (photo ID).

Certificates Posted

College can send your certificates via recorded delivery. To do so, send a letter to the Exams Office at New College Pontefract with your full name, date of birth, address, contact number and a cheque made payable to “NCLT” for the appropriate amount to cover postage and administration (£5 UK, £8 Europe, £10 rest of world – all non-refundable).

Uncollected Certificates

We strongly advise all students to collect their certificates, as we are only required to keep certificates for twelve months from issue (01 November). Certificates will remain in college only until that time. Certificates would then have to be replaced/re-issued by a student’s direct application to the applicable Exam Boards at a substantial fee (approximately £35.00 each).

Replacing Lost Certificates

If you lose an examination certificate and need to replace it, Exam Boards have information on how to do this on their websites. In some cases they will provide a certifying statement rather than a certificate, but in either case a fee is payable to provide the replacement.

If you are trying to replace a certificate you achieved while studying at New College Pontefract, you may be asked to provide our Centre Number (38185) and your candidate number or unique candidate identifier (UCI). If you cannot remember these numbers, please email: providing your full name, date of birth, the dates you studied with us and contact number, and we will then send back any relevant information we still hold. Please note that we only retain records for the past five years on our systems.

You may find the following links below useful if you are trying to obtain replacement certificates:



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