New College is committed to providing students with a high quality Careers Education and Guidance Service. Our aims include helping students to make informed and realistic decisions about their education and employment plans. We also recognise that the world of work is always changing and young people can now expect to have several different careers during their working lives. It is therefore important that we help students to recognise and acquire the necessary skills to manage their own career development during their time with us and equip them with the means to tackle the employment market once they have left college.

The College is committed to providing impartial guidance at all key decision points, whether that is prior to college entry, on entry, during time at college or advice at exam time and beyond.

Individual careers guidance is provided by a specialist team of careers advisors led by Careers  Manager, Graham Crossley.  Careers Guidance interviews are available in the form of short “drop in” sessions or more detailed guidance interviews, which are available by appointment.  Students have timetabled tutorial periods, which include information; advice and self study programmes to help them make informed choices about careers and higher education plans. New College is committed to providing students with a full range of information facilities. We have developed a comprehensive Careers and Higher Education Section on the College Moodle site with thousands of links to relevant sites on the Internet.

Students have the opportunity to go on work experience and they can request a mock interview prior to university and employment interviews. The Careers Department also arranges a series of visiting speakers from Higher Education and industry. We also arrange a series of Higher Education visits as well as an annual visit to a Higher Education Convention.


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