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24 May

May Revision Workshops

Below is the schedule of May half term revision workshops that will be running at college. Click to enlarge.

What our students say

  • "New College was an incredible experience, with many challenges along the way. I made great friends, got into my top university and achieved outstanding grades! So so amazing!". Liv Bond, The Snaith School
  • "It was challenging but I loved every minute of it. The teachers that I had were amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I made so many amazing friends whilst I was there and learnt so much throughout my course." - Freya Hibbitt, The King's School
  • “My time at new college was brilliant and the teaching was second to none, my results prove this! I’ve worked hard but equally so have my teachers. Hard work really does pay off and short term sacrifices create long term gains. It’s well and truly been a pleasure!” - Tru Grant, Crawshaw Academy
  • “New College was such a joy to attend, with the focus on achievement and support allowing me to push myself to aspire toward my dream university. I can't ever thank my teachers and all the staff enough.” - Thomas Coyle, Rodillian Academy
  • “The UCAS application process was streamlined by the tutors at college and all academic teachers were superb. I was able to go on the Malta trip and participate in numerous volunteering and sport opportunities which helped to richen my college experience.” - Elliot Greenwood, Crofton Academy
  • “My experience at new college was very enjoyable and I have a lot of pleasant memories about the subjects and teachers. A lot of freedom and independence that helped me grow as a person and student.” - Oliver Barratt, Castleford Academy
  • “I throughly enjoyed my time at New College, my teachers supported me throughout the 2 years, allowing me to achieve the grades I needed to go onto university to study Midwifery.” - Taylor Davies, Crofton Academy
  • “Even though 2020 turned out to be shorter than we expected in terms of time at college, all my teachers were extremely supportive and wanted everyone to get their best results possible. I definitely enjoyed my time at college, even if it's a bit overwhelming at first, so I'm sure anyone reading this in the future will too." - Louis Causier, Royds School
    Jess Nicholson, Brayton High School