How to Apply

The deadline for applications for a September 2017 start has passed. If you apply now you will be added to a waiting list and we will contact you at the end of August if spaces become available.

If you are ready to apply now, you have two choices.

Either fill in the paper application form and post it to us.

Or register online with UCAS Progress and apply to join New College directly through them.

Or apply online now.

If you’re not ready to apply straight away, the nine steps below will walk you through the application progress. Finally, if you have any questions or queries about anything relating to applying to New College, please contact Richard Fletcher (Associate Principal) or Student Services on 01977 702139.

The nine steps

1. Visit New College for the day in Year 10 and experience a College Taster Day. (Only certain schools.)
2. Attend a presentation (assembly) by New College at your school. Obtain a copy of our Prospectus. (Only certain schools.)
3. Read the Prospectus/Website and start to consider the courses you are interested in. (Remember some subjects are assessed by exams and some are assessed by coursework.)
4. Attend one of our three Open Events which is strongly recommended – students and parents are very welcome. Opportunities to listen to a short presentation by the Principal and speak to subject staff and students.

Please complete an application by either downloading a form from our website or contact the college on 01977 702139 and we will gladly send a form in the post.

Application Form

In the months of December through to April, you will receive a letter through the post inviting you to attend an interview. If all goes well you will be offered a conditional place at the College dependent on your GCSE results.

5. You will then receive a letter through the post inviting you to attend an Induction Day after your final GCSE exams at the end of June. Here, you will meet your progress Tutor and Tutor Group. The focus of this day is to prepare you for your future time at the College.
6. GCSE Results Day in August. If you do not get the GCSEs you require, please come into college after collecting your results to discuss your options with our staff.
7. In order for you to complete the final stage of applying to New College, you will need to attend our Enrolment Day. It is important that you bring proof of your qualifications in order for you to enrol at the College.

Applications from other schools. Here is what you do:

8. Attend one of our college Open Events
Collect a Prospectus and application form on the night/day
9. Fill in the Application Form and post it to the College. We will then invite you to attend an interview at the College where we will ask to see your mock exam results and school report