Choosing your course

At New College we offer a wide range of Advanced Level courses. The advantage of following an A Level programme is that you are able to keep your options open and not specialise or go down a particular route before you are ready.

Alternatively, if you already know which subject you would like to specialise in you should consider one of our BTEC Extended Diplomas (3 A Level equivalent) or combine the two. The combination of subjects you choose is very important as your future aspirations and interests could depend on them.

How will I choose my subjects?

The first questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do I prefer coursework or exams or a combination of both?
  • Do I have a career in mind that requires particular subjects? (Seek advice from a careers advisor)

If you prefer exams, you might want to consider our A level courses. If you prefer coursework, you might want to consider our BTEC courses. However, you should consider what career and university options you want to pursue after college, to make sure that you chose the right courses to match these ambitions. Once you’ve given that some thought, browse through the list of subjects we offer. You can always contact the Programme Leader for a course, to find out more about it. Or download our new NEW College app via Google Play or the iOs App Store, to track course developments and to talk directly to teachers.

College Entry Requirements and Subject Specific Entry Requirements

For more details of the College Entry Requirements can be found here.
For more details of the Subject Specific Entry Requirements can be found here.