English Language

Subject Intent: Why English Language?

The main focus behind the study of English Language is communication. Students are encouraged to explore how and why we communicate in the world in which we live, and how to express these ideas using their own successful communication skills. The asking of thought-provoking and polemical questions allows students to assess different arguments and to learn the value of their own thinking. Debate is crucial and encourages students to think outside of their own personal circumstances, developing their sense of empathy. Our English Language curriculum has been designed to enable students to understand the relationship between language and society, with a focus on honing their skills to be fully functioning members within that society.

What will I study?

Through the analysis of a range of texts, data and theories, you will study:

  • How language is used to create meanings and representations.
  • Language diversity, including an exploration of gender, region, ethnicity and occupation.
  • Language change over time.
  • Language discourses.
  • Child language development.

The course is assessed through the combination of two exam papers and coursework. The coursework requires you to write a 750-word creative text with an accompanying 750-word analytical commentary, as well as a 2000-word investigation in which you explore a language issue of your choosing. This is worth 20% of the qualification.

English Language

Please note: Subject videos have been filmed from colleges across our Trust.

What are lessons like in this subject?

You can expect English Language lessons to always be lively, engaging and varied. Through the exploration of a range of spoken and written texts, students will develop their appreciation and understanding for the complex issues that underpin communication.

There will be opportunities to debate a range of topical issues, such as the relationship between language and gender identity, political correctness and political bias. In addition, students are encouraged to collect their own data for analysis, from motivational speeches and celebrity interviews to editorial features and sports commentaries. Students are also able to demonstrate their more creative side through the coursework, as well as developing their independent working skills through the completion of a Language Investigation.

You will also benefit from our close links with universities, as well as a range of enrichment opportunities including taking part in writing competitions and a creative writing club.

What our


I have been opened to so many incredible opportunities that have developed confidence in my writing and also myself. The English Language course entails so many interesting aspects of language, from its history to its influence, and has equipped me with a better understanding on society.

Alec Bullett, The Kings School

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