There should be more to the sixth form college experience than studying for examinations.  At NEW College we believe that students should have plenty of opportunities to access a wide range of activities to enrich the academic curriculum.  We aim to offer activities that will allow our students to develop new skills and interests.  Such activities are complementary to what goes on in the classroom, and give our students a broad experience.

Learning does not just happen in the classroom at NEW College, and we believe that providing our students with enrichment opportunities, not only builds upon their school experiences, but helps with personal and social development of students.

In the competitive higher education and employment market, successful students are often the ones who have gained such a broad experience and really demonstrated that they have made the most of their sixth form experience.

At NEW College, we genuinely believe that students get out of the sixth from experience what they put in, and as such we strongly encourage students to throw themselves in to sixth form life.  The following give you a flavour of some of the opportunities on offer at NEW College

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