Sound Engineering

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Available to study at:
Extended Certificate

Subject Intent: Why Sound Engineering?
Music pervades life and is all-encompassing. The Music curriculum helps students develop, engages them creatively and challenges them in an intellectual sense. We intend to unlock our students’ potential through Music and instil a genuine love of the subject through listening, composition, performing and analysing music from a wide range of styles and cultures, helping students develop a greater sense of appreciation of the power
of music throughout the world. It supports the development of a range of transferable skills such as communication, memory skills, creativity, collaboration and problem solving that students can employ in their next steps whether that be Higher Education or employment.

Why should I study this subject?
Sound Engineering will give you knowledge and practical skills of how music is written and produced in both a studio and live environment. You will learn how recording studios work, how to set up live music stages and how to gain employment working within the music industry. It is an opportunity for you to use industry standard equipment and facilities that you won’t have access to from home.

What will I study?
• How to use and operate a professional recording studio
• How to capture, mix and master recorded audio
• How to set up and operate live sound equipment
• Composition techniques using industry standard software
• Access to industry standard equipment including the latest versions of Pro Tools and Logic Pro
• Understanding of the music industry and how you might find employment or work

Theoretics of sound
Assessment is mostly internally done at college with only one unit of work being marked externally. There are no exams.

What are the entry requirements?

“This course challenges you to work in a creative, hands-on environment as well as learning about new techniques and an insight into working in the music industry. Overall, my confidence has been boosted in my abilities to use industry standard software.”
Amber Pashley – Garforth Academy