Why should I study this subject?

There has never been a better time to study this subject. People, businesses and governments are constantly making economic decisions which affect all our living standards. Individuals choose whether to go to go to university or directly into employment. Businesses choose whether to expand into new markets. Governments choose whether to spend more on areas like education, health and housing. Economics explains how such decisions are made and how problems like unemployment and inflation may arise and be solved. It is a rewarding, interesting and respected subject which focuses on current issues like the financial crisis, environment and globalisation. It will appeal to anyone interested in the welfare of their own society.

What will I study?

Year 12 topics

  • Individuals, firms, markets & market failure
  • How individuals make economic decisions
  • Prices in competitive markets
  • Business economics
  • Distribution of income and wealth: poverty and inequality
  • Government intervention in markets


  • Developments in the national and international economy
  • Government policies
  • Economic growth and development

Year 13 topics develop these themes to a higher level including

  • Behavioural economics
  • Banking and financial markets
  • The challenges of globalisation.

What are the entry requirements?
Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What is the exam board?