Film Studies

Why should I study this subject?
Film Studies provides you with the opportunity to develop your analytical, evaluative and written skills, by exploring films that range from the culturally significant artefact to box office smash. Critical autonomy will be developed and students will have the opportunity to demonstrate some creativity in their coursework unit.

What will I study?
You will study a minimum of six critically recognised, culturally and historically significant feature-length films to include:

  • at least two US films, at least one of which will be independent
  • at least two English language films made outside the US, at least one of which will be British
  • at least one European film (non-English language)

You will study a range of culturally and historically significant films and at least two major movements or stylistic developments in film history, characterised by the significant contribution they made to film aesthetics, such as montage, expressionism, neo-realism or the new wave cinemas of the 1960s.

You will learn about cinematography, mise-en-scène, editing and sound individually and in combination with one another; the concept of genre; narrative construction, including the role of a film’s screenplay in narrative construction and the way these contribute to the representation of cultures and societies in film.

What are the entry requirements?
Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What is the exam board?