Further Mathematics

Subject Intent: Why Further Mathematics?

To study Further Mathematics you also need to be studying Mathematics, so it is essential that you really enjoy, and are good at maths – the number of maths lesson you have will be doubled! Further Mathematics A-Level gives you the opportunity to study all types of maths (pure maths, statistics, mechanics, decision maths) to a greater depth. If you are considering applying for maths at university you are strongly advised to take this course.

What will I study?

AS/Y12 Further Mathematics, compulsory content:

Complex numbers; Matrices; further algebra & functions; further calculus; further vectors; Polar coordinates; hyperbolic functions; further coordinate geometry,

Optional content from: mechanics, statistics or discrete maths.

A-Level/Y13 Further Mathematics, compulsory content: All AS content plus: Proof; Differential equations; Trigonometry; & Numerical methods.

Optional content from: mechanics, statistics and discrete maths.

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.