Subject Intent: Why History?

Our History curriculum intends to help students understand the significance of historical events, the role of individuals in history and the nature of change over time. A History A-Level will help students gain a deeper understanding of the past through political, social, economic and cultural perspectives. These skills are vital for young people as they start to develop a wider awareness of the political world around them. 

What will I study?

Paper 1 – The British Empire, c1857–1967 This unit will assess the following themes and questions about the British Empire: Why did the British Empire grow and contract? What influenced imperial policy?

Paper 2 – Revolution and dictatorship: Russia, 1917– 1953 This option provides for the study in depth of the coming and practice of communism in Russia. It explores concepts such as:

• Marxism
• Communism
• Leninism and Stalinism
• Ideological control and dictatorship

The NEA – Tudor Rebellions. This piece of coursework requires the students to investigate the Tudor century and assess the causes of the numerous rebellions against the Tudor monarchs.

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.