NC Energiser

Gemma Asquith has just joined the NEW College team as NC Energiser.  Her role is to help both staff and students embrace more sport and physical activity on a weekly  basis.

She will be targeting more than the sporty students, as her aim is to get the non-sporty and unenthusiastic students engaged in regular activity. She wants to promote the benefits of being physically active, specifically that it can improve academic performance.

Previously a student herself at NEW College, Gemma has come from Wakefield Council where she has held many positions within the Wakefield area. She has been a lifeguard, swimming instructor, fitness coach and was also the manager of Featherstone Sports Complex. As well as this, she regularly ran classes including Zumba, Legs-Bums-and-Tums, and circuits, some of which she will be bringing here to NEW College.

Welcome to NEW College, Gemma, and good luck with your role!