Why should I study this subject?

If you are inspired to capture the world around you and always have your camera to hand, if you are always on the look out for vibrant colour combinations, intricate textures, delicate lighting, and a quirky composition, then this course is for you. We invite curious students who are willing to learn not just how to frame a good shot, but also how to use your camera settings to achieve professional photographs that have real impact. You must have a real passion and enthusiasm for creativity and taking lots of photographs, always being alert to the possibility of a great photographic opportunity at any time.

What will I study?

How to use both DSLR and 35mm lm cameras

How to edit and develop your photographs both digitally and in the darkroom

How to explore editing and digital artwork programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator

How to discover the work of a wide range of creative practitioners

How to present your work creatively in both digital and hand made sketchbooks

How develop knowledge about the importance of your portfolio and exhibition technique

How to critique your work and that of others

How to best communicate your concepts and meanings to your viewer

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.

What skills do I need?

An ability to work practically and creatively

Comfortable with the demands of a coursework subject

Organisation and time management

Creativity skills are essential to succeed on this course

An ability to work independently on projects set by your teachers

How will I be taught?

A combination of traditional teaching and demonstrations moving onto independent student led sessions. In Year 12 there will be an introduction to a range of artistic skills and media with structured projects. In Year 13 the emphasis will be on you directing your own interests and projects.

How will I be assessed?

In Year 12, component 1 is a skills building unit which will be assessed internally. Year 13 there will be personal project, written essay and final piece as well as an externally set assignment and timed final piece which will be internally assessed and externally moderated.

What will the course prepare me for?

Creativity and visual communication are essential in many careers both inside the Creative Industries and out. You may go on to study a Foundation Diploma or other higher education course such as Photography, Film, Animation, Illustration, Web Design as well as many other options.

You will also produce a portfolio of work that will prepare you well for both university interviews and when looking for employment.

How much private study should I expect to do?
As an approximate guideline this subject will require 4 hours of independent study each week.

What materials will I need to purchase?
Art materials maybe required throughout the course depending on specialism. A £10 fee will be charged for essential art materials.

What is the exam board?

This subject is for you if
you are an artistic or creative person who likes coursework subjects and is highly self-motivated.

This subject is not for you if
you struggle with coursework subjects and working independently.

“I have really enjoyed studying photography this year, it has been really enjoyable. I can really ‘picture’ myself having a career in photography!”
Aiden Watson, Kettlethorpe High School

“I stated photography at New College having never done it before and immediately developed a passion for both digital and traditional methods. This was due to the enthusiasm of my teachers and the amazing facilities available.”
Daniel Jones, Darton College