Subject Intent: Why Psychology?

The psychology curriculum allows core areas in the history and development of psychology to be studied and offers different perspectives into the explanations of the human mind and behaviour.

Psychology encourages skills to be developed that focus heavily on developing an insight into the methodological strengths and weaknesses of research, and critical analysis of theories, which are useful life skills which can be transferred into the work place.

The knowledge gained will help students to develop into well- grounded adults, with an understanding of the causes of mental health issues, how to be responsible parents, when to conform and obey others, and what triggers aggression.

What will I study?

Paper 1:
• Social influence
• Memory
• Attachment
• Psychopathology

Paper 2:
• Bio-psychology
• Approaches in psychology
• Research Methods

Paper 3:
• Issues & debates in psychology
• Relationships
• Aggression
• Schizophrenia

What are the entry requirements?

Please check this subject table for full details of our A Level entry requirements.