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Available to study at:
Extended Certificate

Subject Intent: Why Photography?
Photography offers students a diverse range of skills from learning how to use DSLRs manually to an in-depth experience in the black and white darkroom. Students gain a broad knowledge in critical analysis developing thoughtful and conceptual ideas, expressed in still images. The curriculum
is designed to encourage, practice and develop their technical skillset to develop as photographers and to bridge the gap between technical understanding and creativity. Students are taught professional practices to aid them in further education and employment.

Why should I study this subject?
The BTEC Photography course is a highly practical introduction to the subject where you will be introduced to a variety of techniques and produce industry standard, creative photographic work. The Visual Arts department at New College offers students the opportunity to be creative and develop their independent photographic skills in an exciting and supportive environment. As the course progresses you will have the opportunity to work more independently and will be able to specialise in areas of photography that interest you the most.

What will I study?
• Composition: How to frame an image and create visually exciting photographs
• Digital photography: The functions of a digital camera
• Digital manipulation: Use of Adobe applications to correct and alter images
• Darkroom photography: How to take photographs using traditional film cameras and how to develop and print photographs
• Studio practice: Portrait photography and lighting techniques
• Location photography: How to take photographs in a variety of different environments
• Research skills: How to prepare for your own practical work and projects
• Image analysis skills: How to understand the work of other photographers and practitioners from the wider world of Art and Design

What are the entry requirements?
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“Photography has given me a new purpose for my work. It has allowed me to find who I am in my work and develop new pieces I never believed I could compose through the resources and support there is.” Charlotte Venable – The Holy Family Catholic High School